Secrets of a perfect flight, revealed by a former stewardess

A former stewardess has revealed to the BBC which are the most comfortable, but also the safest places in an airplane. Beth Blair, a former stewardess, offered curious passengers some information about various spots they can choose on a plane.

The most comfortable spot

Apart from the Business class, we still can choose good seats within the Economy class.

The former stewardess says that the seats that provide the most space for stretching out the feet are those near the emergency exits or those in front of the dividing walls.

Some of the worst seats are situated in front of the emergency exits, as these can’t be tilted back, and neither can be the ones at the very end of the cabin. Also, if you don’t want to be disturbed by the noise, don’t stay close to the kitchen.

The safest spots

According to a study by Time magazine on casualties over the past 35 years, the seats at the rear of the plane are the safest.

Sure, here we’re talking about a statistic, because it all depends on the type of accident.

Also, the closer you sit to emergency exits, the faster you can leave the plane. But if you stand just outside the emergency exit, you may need to assist other passengers.

Where turbulence is less bothersome

Generally, in larger planes flying at higher altitudes it is less likely for passengers to face such problems.

If you want to have a smoother flight, opt for a place somewhere near the wings. In the front and rear, passengers will feel more turbulence.

The quietest place

In fact, it is a very relative statement that any spot can be quiet on an airplane where the noise level is 105 decibels at takeoff and 85 decibels during the flight.

However, the seats in front of the airplane offer some more peace, as passengers are a little bit more protected from the noise of the aircraft’s engines.

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