Secrets from Jamie Oliver’s kitchen: How grill fish in minutes, and how to save food that is too salty

The famous British chef, Jamie Oliver’s books and television shows offer a lot of useful advice to make cooking easier and more enjoyable and foods more delicious. In the video, the star chef presents some very handy tricks.

Dry bread can be soft and delicious again when placed in a paper bag along with some fresh celery.

If a soup or sauce is too oily or greasy, throw in some ice cubes. These will attract the fat, which can be easily removed with a spoon or a spatula.

It is not very pleasant if you accidentally add too much salt to food. In this case, there is also a solution: add a potato to the food and cook for 20 minutes. The potato will absorb excess salt.

Milk keeps much longer if you add a pinch of salt to it.

According to Jamie, fish such as salmon will be perfect if it is grilled for at least 4 and a half minutes on the side with skin, and then turned over and grilled for another 3 minutes.

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