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Rose hips, one of the most valuable fruits in the world

Wild rose hips ripen in the fall and they decorate the thorny rose bushes through the winter. They can be collected during hikes, and can help preserving our health throughout the year. They are rich in antioxidants, boost metabolism, reduce stress and act as an excellent fat burner. They are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K, and contain a high amount of sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, flavonoids, omega fatty acids and proteins.

Rose hips, one of the most valuable fruits in the world
Photo: Cath in Dorset/Flickr.com

How to consume rose hips?

In traditional medicine, rose hips are used in making tea, jam, tincture, syrup and wine. Besides, they can be washed and cut into salads, or used in sauces after crushed in a blender and mixed with some olive oil. Ideally, rose hips should be dried and ground into a powder, and added to salads, smoothies and yogurt. If cooked, rose hips will lose a lot of their valuable vitamin and mineral content.

1. They strengthen the immune system and protect from diseases

Because rose hips are very rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, they strengthen the immune system and protect against cold and flu. An existent case of cold or flu can be fought off faster with the aid of rose hip tea.

2. They help in weight loss

Because of their high content of omega fatty acids, rose hips boost metabolism and start fat burning.

3. They improve vision and rejuvenate the skin

Rose hips are very rich in beta carotene and vitamins, so they improve the health of the eyes. Consuming rose hips regularly can prevent the degeneration of the macula. Also, due to their high content of vitamin C and E they help prevent the appearance of wrinkles. They boost the production of collagen, thus rejuvenating and improving the health of the skin.

Rose hips, one of the most valuable fruits in the world
Photo: Joan/Flickr.com

4. They treat anemia

Persons who suffer from anemia should eat lots of food that contain iron and vitamin C. Rose hips contain a very high amount of vitamin C, so they are very useful in treating anemia.

5. They cleanse the blood

It is recommended to drink rose hip and corn silk tea in order to avoid kidney and bladder infections. Both of these ingredients clean kidneys very effectively.

6. They reduce the level of bad cholesterol

Persons struggling with high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol should drink dandelion and rose hip tea. Rose hip tea helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and it also reduces blood pressure, so it reduces the risk of heart and brain stroke as well.