Romanian Man Spends $20,000 Building Wooden Car Called Julia

Peter Szabo, a man from Corunca, Romania, has become famous in Great Britain after he had constructed a car made of wood and took it to an exhibition in London. The car is certainly not a usual one. It can be considered a luxury car, and Peter spent €18,000 or the equivalent of £14,000 on building it.

Peter worked for 4,500 hours, or the equivalent of three years and eight months to build the car, which he named Julia, the Wood Roadster. The car was named after Peter’s wife, and it combines the retro design of a Morgan with modern innovations such as using a tablet for light control and playing music.

The car is equipped with a 2.3 L Ford Taunus engine, and the seats were taken from a Mercedes-Benz. After he had constructed a wood carriage, Peter realized that he needed a greater challenge. The Julia project grew so huge that one year after Peter launched it he needed to move to a bigger workshop.

Romanian Man Spends $20,000 Building Wooden Car Called Julia

Photo: Peter Szabo/Facebook

Now that the project is completed, Peter’s greatest pleasure is to drive the car around the village under the admiring eyes of the locals. In Romania many people do handiwork, and they know that creating something valuable by hand is not easy. Therefore, his work is much appreciated and admired by everybody.

Peter keeps the 80 km speed limit, but he says that the car can go much faster once he takes it out to the motorway. Now that Julia is ready, Peter already has got another project in his mind: a car with a futuristic design and an electric engine.

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