Renault takes the first step towards manufacturing a flying car

The Renault Kwid concept car is horrible in every respect, and who cares if the vehicle is equipped with a drone?


We are still a bit interested, because there are no words to describe the car presented at the New Delhi Auto Salon. Probably this is the reason why Renault dared to present this invention only in India; probably somebody told them that negative advertisement is advertisement nevertheless.

It gives credit to the French sense of humor that, even though the Kwid probably will never be produced in mass, the manufacturers equipped the car with a 1.2 liter turbo engine, a transmission gear and an all-wheel drive. The most interesting feature, however, is the drone that opens up on the roof. Of course the drone can’t lift a full gas can or probably even a case of beer, but it still may become a useful companion. For example, if we choose to drive off road, we can find out what the terrain conditions are; if we are in a city, we can use it to find out how long the traffic jam is, and we can try to find an escape route.

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