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Refrigeration Helps Prevent Cancer

It may seem a strange idea, but specialists recommend keeping fresh bread in the refrigerator. It is really worth changing our storing habit – it doesn’t require any added effort to place bread in the fridge instead of into the pantry or onto the kitchen table, does it?

Refrigeration Helps Prevent Cancer
Photo: Kathleen Franklin/Flickr.com

In a bag stored at room temperature, pastry, bread and croissants start becoming moldy during the first 24 hours of storage, although this process is initially not visible. Moreover, even the flour these products are made of may contain mold fungus to start with. This type of fungus is not destroyed by high temperature during baking, it is only weakened. During the first day it regenerates and launches into action as it arrives in the digestive system.

Up to our days, approximately 300 kinds of fungi have been identified. One of the most dangerous kinds is aflatoxin, which originates from mold. It can be found in many types of food: bakery products, nuts, soy, orange juice and wine. If we notice visible mold on food, we should strictly avoid consuming it.

If only a small amount is ingested, it may cause no harm. However, if food containing mold is consumed for a prolonged time, it may even cause cancer. It may harm the liver and the kidneys, may cause fertility problems, and may weaken the heart and the immune system.

In order to protect our health, we should keep our daily bread in the refrigerator, as cool temperature slows down the multiplying of mould fungus spores and the production of aflatoxin.