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The reasons why it is not recommended to consume raw eggs

Eggs are always a part of an athlete’s diet and not only, because they are rich in proteins that are well assimilated by the body. Eggs contain nine amino acids necessary for the functioning of the body, and they are an excellent source of vitamins: D, A (retinol), B2 and B12, phosphorus and selenium, a powerful antioxidant.

The reasons why it is not recommended to consume raw eggs
Photo: Jonathan Hostetler/YouTube

To take advantage of these excellent quality proteins, which other foods not contained by many other foods, it is advisable to cook them rather than consume them raw. According to studies, however, this is not a good idea. It is even unproductive to eat raw eggs, especially egg whites, because this way the proteins are poorly assimilated or not at all. During boiling, on the other hand, egg whites coagulate, which increases the digestibility of the proteins.

That’s why the belief that consumption of raw egg whites results in the development of well-defined muscles is nothing but a myth.

As about egg yolks, according to nutritionists, it is a mistake to believe that they contain too much fats and are high in cholesterol, so they should be consumed with caution. Of course, these substances are concentrated in egg yolk, but almost half of the egg proteins (51% more accurately) are also found in the egg yolk. Moreover, almost all vitamins and minerals in an egg, such as carotenoids or choline (vitamin B7), which are essential substances for the proper functioning of the brain, are contained exclusively in egg yolk.

The good news is that, unlike egg whites, egg yolks can be consumed soft (almost raw) as well, as this doesn’t affect the assimilation of proteins . Also, there’s no harm for a healthy person to eat 5-7 eggs in a week.