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Rarely known dangers of consuming watermelon

Watermelon season is in full swing, and local sun-ripen watermelons can be enjoyed daily. Very few people know, however, that this wonderful, tasty fruit, besides containing lots of valuable nutrients and active ingredients, may also cause allergies.

Rarely known dangers of consuming watermelon

There are two kinds of allergies related to watermelon. Watermelon itself may cause allergy symptoms, or it may cause cross reactivity, which I this case means that someone allergic to ragweed may also become allergic to watermelon, since the chemical composition of the two plants is so similar that the body cannot always make a difference.

In case of cross reactivity, the simplest remedy is to avoid eating fruits, vegetables and other foods during ragweed season that may cause secondary allergy.

It is also important to note that certain foods, especially fruits will stop causing allergy if they are heat-treated; therefore, such fruits and vegetables should be eaten cooked if possible.

Rarely known dangers of consuming watermelon

The symptoms

Watermelon allergy is signaled by itching and swelling in the mouth and throat, and sometimes breathing difficulties.

Symptoms of watermelon allergy appear within seconds from consuming the fruit.

If you give your child watermelon for the first time, be very careful. First offer a tiny piece and pay close attention to any possible allergic reactions. If you your child struggles with the ragweed allergy, you should avoid feeding them watermelon.