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Raped at 16, she meets her daughter again after 77 years

You may have already heard of Minka Disbrow’s story. In 1926, the then young girl was taking a walk with a girlfriend when some men attacked them and she was raped. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Betty Jane at 17, but her parents decided that the best solution would be if she gave up the baby for adoption.

Source: Capture Rumble
Source: Capture Rumble

Minka’s heart almost broke, but she accepted the decision, only keeping a black-and-white photo about her baby. The story doesn’t end here, but it continues after many, many years.

Minka could never really accept the loss of her first daughter. She got married, she gave birth to two other children, and she worked as a seamstress and as the manager of a school cafeteria. The years passed one after the other, but every year on the 22nd of May she commemorated her adopted daughter. On May 22nd, 2006 Minka prayed fervently to be able to see her daughter again.

Not too much time after, the phone rang and a man asked her whether she wanted to see her daughter. Betty Jane had become the mother of six children and, because of an old-age heart problem; an attempt was initialized to find her biological parents. This is how she was found, and this is how the 77-year-old Ruth (Betty Jane), her son Brian Lee and Minka Disbrow met.

Even though they hadn’t seen each other for long decades, they told that they felt as if they had never parted, and they would have always been a family. It was unbelievable joy for both of them to be able to see each other, and they feel that their life has finally become complete.