Quail eggs for therapeutic purposes – Find the exact number of eggs that have to be eaten raw

Quail eggs are excellent for growing children and infants, but they also facilitate the regeneration and rejuvenation of the entire body, regardless of age.

Quail eggs contain 74.6% water, 13.1% protein, 11.2% fat and 1.1% minerals, of which 0.5% potassium, 2.1% phosphorus, 3.2% iron, vitamin A, all of the vitamins in the B group, as well as beneficial enzymes. A single egg contains an average of 15.8 calories.

Below is a list of diseases that can be treated by therapy with quail eggs, as well as the exact number of eggs that have to be eaten raw.

The number of eggs that should be consumed varies depending on the disease:
Balancing blood density 60
Migraines 240
Anemia 240
Stomach ulcers 120
Heart problems 240
Liver problems 180
Mental illness 240
Post-surgical procedures 240
Regulating blood pressure 240
Brain tumors or intestinal tumors 1080
Bronchitis 240
AIDS 1080
Reducing cholesterol 240
Asthma 1080
Balancing blood sugar 240
Atherosclerosis 240
Regulating digestion 120

In the first three days you should consume 3 eggs per day, and then increase the amount to a daily 5 eggs. This means that a therapy with 120 eggs lasts for 26 days, while a therapy with 240 eggs lasts for 49 days.

Children under ten years of age should consume 4 eggs per day, children under five years of age 3 eggs per day, and children under the age of two should consume no more than 2 eggs a day.

Quail eggs for therapeutic purposes need to be consumed raw in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast. If you find it difficult to drink the content of the eggs directly from the shell, you can prepare a cocktail.

Add some honey to the eggs and whisk them until they turn foamy. You can flavor the eggs with cherry juice, lemon peels, vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and so on.

Patients with diabetes should not add sugar to the eggs, and those with sensitivity to eggs should begin the cure by consuming an egg a day, and then gradually increasing the dose to a maximum of four eggs a day. If an adverse reaction of the gall bladder occurs, the cure should be discontinued.

If necessary, the therapy may be repeated two months after the end of the first one, but it is recommended to take a break for six months between the second and the third treatment.

Quail eggs can be consumed for other therapeutic purposes as well unless the doctor prescribes a protein-free diet. Eggs must be stored at a temperature between 1 and 4 degrees C, which prolongs the freshness of the eggs up to 60 days.

Quail eggs for therapeutic purposes  - Find the exact number of eggs that have to be eaten raw

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