Probably the simplest method to prevent the fogging of car windows

Many times, we can solve annoying problems by using simple and at-hand solutions. Probably not many of us would have thought that the sand used in cat litter may also be used to absorb humidity in car interiors, thus offering a very simple solution to prevent the fogging of windows.

Sometimes we need to turn on the de-fogging system in the car, but this will lead to a higher consumption of fuel and it takes some time to have effect. The solution comes from a very simple product, hygienic cat litter, which contains super absorbent silica granules. All you need to do is to fill a sock with this material and tie a knot on the sock to prevent the granules from spilling out.

For extra rigidity, you can wrap the first sock into the second one, and then place the silica-filled sock inside the car. You may place it directly on the board or hide it under the seat, the results will be just as efficient. You will be able to see the results within several days. The windows won’t fog anymore due to the silica granules, which absorb all the extra humidity in the car.

This method is elegant, simple and effective. If you use it, you won’t need to wait every morning until the windows of the car become clear again; instead, you may leave at once and enjoy maximum visibility.

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