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Potatoes, the beauty secret of Russian women

Russian women are renowned in the entire world for their flawless skin and the gentle way aging treats them. Well, the secret of their radiant skin is nothing else than potatoes.

Source: wikimedia.org
Source: wikimedia.org

Rich in microelements, vitamin C and starch, potatoes offer the opportunity to rejuvenate the skin at a minimal cost and with maximum results.

A mask for luminous skin

Boil a potato in the skin, peel it and mash it. Mix a tablespoon of puree with a tablespoon of cow cheese or milk, a teaspoon of olive or almond oil and a teaspoon of pharmaceutical glycerine. If the mask is too runny, add some starch such as rice or oat flour. Warm up the mixture over steam or on the radiator. Moist your face, neck and cleavage, and spread the mixture over these areas. Wash off the mask after 15 minutes with hot water, followed by cold water. Repeat the process every 3-4 days for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Anti-wrinkle mask

Mix a tablespoon each of potato puree, bean puree and warm milk. Spread the mask over your face while still warm and cover it with a towel for 15-20 minutes. If your skin is dry, wash off the mask with a paper towel dipped in milk heated up to 45 degrees Celsius. If you have oily skin, use boiled water, cooled down to a pleasant temperature. After the treatment, use a hydrating cream on your face. The skin will become smooth and velvety, and small wrinkles will disappear.

Mask to treat aged facial and hand skin

Puree 3 boiled potatoes and mix them with 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed tangerine juice, an egg yolk and a tablespoon of milk. Spread the mask over your face and hands and cover it with a plastic sheet. You may use rubber gloves for your hands. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with warm tea made from an equal quantity of mint and lime tree flowers.