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Police Car Turned into Chicken Coop

I will never forget how proud I was of myself when, in the chicken coop at my grandmother’s, I used an old box and straw to prepare a private one-hen egg laying room, and thus provided hens with some piece of mind and an opportunity for undisturbed egg laying.

Police Car Turned into Chicken Coop

Hens started to use this box in a rapid succession, and I still firmly believe that I made them very happy with my kind gesture. Of course, at that time I had no clue that I executed a redesign-reuse project. Why did I choose to use this strange intro? Because the French artist, Benedetto Bufalino’s same principle creation reminded me of my story.

Bufalino, obviously, had more resources to think big. He used an old, 1970 police car to create the unique chicken coop. We could ask, why he did it, and why is his creation worth to mention? If I need to give an explanation, I can only say that the resulting work of art is fun, attention-calling and functional at the same time. Also, there is a lot of reusing involved, which, as my faithful readers know already, is always worth an extra point with me. The installation entitled „La Voiture de Police Poulailler” is not the only unusual creation in Bufalino’s portfolio; it’s worth browsing his website for other curiosities, too.

Police Car Turned into Chicken Coop

via: designboom