He plays “You Raise Me Up” on the pan flute. A unique and breathtaking interpretation

Sometimes music doesn’t need any words, only a musical instrument. In this video, we can listen to an exceptional interpretation on pan flute.

He plays "You Raise Me Up" on the pan flute. A unique and breathtaking interpretation

The musician David Döring knows how to play his instrument to the hearts of all music lovers. He manages to give life to a musical piece with extraordinary virtuosity. The song “You Raise Me Up”, originally performed by Josh Groban, receives a completely different melodic value through this instrumental interpretation. Listening to this song, you have the impression that you are in a dream world where emotions are experienced with the utmost intensity.

The versatility of the German artist is reflected in the wide range of songs she interprets. Whether it’s a classical, popular, evangelical or pop song, David Döring proves to everyone the extraordinary power of music.

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