Plants you can use to gain money, happiness and love and to chase away negative energies

Various plants, flowers, fruits, roots and twigs are traditionally used for special purposes: they protect the body from certain illnesses, negative thoughts, or they are able to bring luck and prosperity.

Some of these protective plants are the following:

1. Chamomile can be used as a tea to soothe the mind and the body. It can also be packed in small packages and used to bring psychic dreams and to prevent nightmares. Chamomile brings luck, love and happiness.

2. Jasmine brings luck and money.

3. Four-leaf clover is very commonly used to bring luck. Some legends say that four-leaf clover was the only thing Eve was allowed to take away when they were chased out from the Eden.

4. Nutmeg protects from rheumatism and brings luck.

5. Coriander is used to protect from illnesses and in rituals meant to fulfill wishes.

6. If you carry with you an oak twig, bad luck will avoid you. Hanging an oak branch in your home protects it from any danger.

7. If you plant an acorn at the light of the moon, you will attract money. Women who always carry with them an acorn have greater chances to become pregnant.

8. Poppy seeds bring prosperity. If you carry them with you all the time, you will be lucky with money.

9. If you carry a basil twig in your wallet, you will be lucky with money.

10. You’re protected during travel if you carry some comfrey with you.

11. Lily of the Valley is used in rituals to increase willpower and to bring success in professional life.

12. Garlic hung in a room keeps the negative spirits away, especially in new houses.

Plants you can use to gain money, happiness and love and to chase away negative energies

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