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Pig bought to be killed and eaten turns into a pet

Yum Yum, the pot-bellied pig was bought by a group of people who frequent a pub in North Shields, UK. The pig was going to be killed and eaten, but a member of the group decided to call a hairdresser called Susan Gordon, who is known to care a lot about animals. ‘When I heard they were going to eat him, I was appalled. Pigs are my favorite animals, so I had no doubt I would adopt him’, she told to Daily Mail.


The 10 month old, happy animal has become the woman’s beloved pet, and sometimes he even accompanies her to work. First, the personnel and the guests of the hair salon were rather surprised, but by now everybody likes Yum Yum, and he is petted and rubbed a lot. Some people, however, are still astonished when the see the woman leading the pig on a leash in the streets of the town, and the strange pair is photographed often.

Yum Yum eats only vegan food, and Susan’s friends often bring him a basket of apples or carrots.

‘He is very nice and intelligent, and he loves if someone scratches his belly. He is very easy to look after, and he is very popular’, his master describes him.