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The perfect crêpe batter recipe

Crêpes have been known and enjoyed for centuries. They are prepared in many shapes and flavors and are very popular in most parts of the world. They can be sweet or salty, and they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, at ordinary meals or even at celebrations. Below, we will share several ideas about how to make the best crêpes.

The perfect crêpe batter recipe
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The showiest crêpes

What is the secret? Pour the flour into a bowl, make a dent in the middle and break the eggs into it. Mix the flour and the eggs slowly to prevent lumps until the composition becomes smooth. Press the batter through a strainer if still lumpy.

You can mix some rum, cocoa powder, vanilla or cinnamon in the batter. The crêpes will turn out delicious if you add some dried fruit or the grated peel of lemon to the batter. Before starting to fry the crêpes, allow the batter to rest for about half an hour. During this time the flour soaks up a lot of moisture and the batter will become lighter. You need to make sure that the frying pan is heated up evenly and adequately. If it’s not hot enough, the batter won’t fry, and if it’s too hot, it will dry out and will become too hard.

The fastest crêpes

Place all the ingredients into a deep bowl and mix well. This technique is fast and simple. However, again make sure to rest the batter for a while. If you add some beer, the batter will turn out lighter. In this case, add less milk than usual.

The perfect crêpe batter recipe
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The classic crêpes

Break 4 eggs in a bowl and mix them with a dash of salt, 50 g sugar and one drop of vanilla essence. In another bowl add the flour, make a dent in the middle and pour in the whisked eggs. Gradually add the milk, starting with about 50 mL and then add as much as you can incorporate in the mixture. Mix with a hand blender and make sure the batter doesn’t turn out too thick. Add 50 g melted butter and allow the batter to rest in the fridge for an hour. When frying, add a drop of oil to the frying pan, pour in a large tablespoon of batter and smooth it down.

You can serve the crêpes with strawberries, blueberries, peaches, jams, melted chocolate, pudding, cheese, spinach and so on.