People dancing at the road crossing while waiting for the green light

We are undisciplined road users. Not only motorists, but pedestrians often cross the rules. This happens especially at the crossings: when the light turns red, pedestrians still dash across the road. Lisbon is no exception; this is the reason why someone here started an interesting experiment that involves dancing.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

Nobody likes to wait for a long time at the red light. Instead, many people run across the road when they think it’s safe. At a crossing in Lisbon, an experimental solution was tried out: a large booth was set up where anyone can enter for a quick dance, while the others may follow his or her movements by looking at the red figure, which moves accordingly.

This idea proved to be efficient in making pedestrians more disciplined: 81 per cent more people waited for the green light instead of dashing across the road. And the experiment, of course, has quite some entertainment value as well.

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