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Parsley, a concentrated remedy to cure hepatitis, cancer and a weak immune system

Very few medications can be compared in efficiency to parsley, which, when appropriately prepared and administered, exerts a very intense therapeutic effect. In fact, the effect is so intense, that many prestigious university and pharmaceutical laboratories have been studying this vegetable in order to find out its secrets. And what has been discovered is worth our full attention.

Source: Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

What parts of the parsley do we use? Every part of it!

– Parsley roots replenish minerals in the body, and they stimulate the kidneys, drain the liver and have an antiviral effect.

– The leaves and the stalks neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body, they refresh breath, dissolve and help eliminating kidney- and gallstones.

– Parsley seeds are a strong digestive tonic; they stimulate sexual glands and act as a powerful aphrodisiac; also, they combat alcoholism.

Juice from parsley leaves

Mix a handful of fresh leaves with 4 tablespoons of water; let the mixture sit for ½ hour, then strain it. The juice you obtain should be consumed immediately or stored in the fridge for no more than 4 hours. The juice of fresh parsley is a strong medication which is usually not administered in itself, but diluted in some carrot juice. You should drink 4-6 tablespoons of parsley juice diluted in ¼ cup of carrot juice four times a day.

Juice from parsley roots

Version 1 – using a juice centrifuge is the simplest method to obtain the juice from parsley roots. Wash the roots thoroughly, using a coarse brush if necessary; don’t scrape them with a knife, as this method will cause loss of valuable vitamins and enzymes stored in the thin surface skin. Next, cut the roots, and place them immediately into the centrifuge – don’t store them in water or in the fridge first. The juice you obtain should be consumed immediately or kept at a cool place in a tightly closed bottle. Drink the juice no more than 30 minutes after preparation, diluted in carrot juice at a 1:3 ratio.

Version 2 – if you don’t have a centrifuge, you may chop and strain parsley roots as well. Wash and chop the roots, and then run them through a meat grinder. Strain the paste through two layers of gauze to make sure the juice obtained is as clear as possible. Use the solid leftovers in cooking or throw them away. Again, administer the juice as soon as possible, no later than 30 minutes after preparation.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Parsley powder

You can obtain parsley powder from parsley seeds by grinding them with an electric coffee grinder or by crushing them in a mortar and then sifting them in a sifter for white flour. Parsley powder needs to be kept in the fridge in a tightly closed jar so the essential oils don’t evaporate. Administer ½ parsley powder 2-3 times a day.

Diseases that are cured by internal treatment with parsley

– Hepatitis – recent studies have shown that parsley has an unusual effect of fighting viruses that attack the liver. Therefore, it is recommended to persons who suffer from hepatitis A, B and C to administer a 4 week long cure of fresh parsley leaf juice, drinking 15 tablespoons of juice a day, preferably on an empty stomach, before meals.

– Alcoholism – in a liter of water, place 4 parsley leaves and the peels of a lemon and of a grapefruit. Boil down the mixture to half of its original volume, and then take it off the heat and add two tablespoons of parsley seed powder. Cover the liquid and allow it to cool, and then strain it. Keep it in the fridge and administer a tablespoon four times a day until the preparation runs out. This remedy reduces the need for alcohol, fights liver and nerve problems resulting from alcoholism, and they even cause intolerance to alcohol. The effects of acute alcohol intoxication (drunkenness) can be diminished by consuming large quantities of parsley leaves, chewing them thoroughly before swallowing them.

– Cellulitis and accumulation of water in the tissues – apply a cure of parsley root juice for at least three weeks by drinking a glass of juice a day. Additionally, massage affected areas vigorously with fresh parsley juice.

– Kidney stones and gallstones – drink ¼ glass of parsley root and leaf juice diluted in ¾ glass of carrot juice 3 times a day.

– Halitosis – chewing green parsley gives a pleasant smell to breath, and it acts as an excellent disinfectant of the middle and upper respiratory system. Chewing parsley is recommended to those who suffer from halitosis and chronic respiratory illnesses.

– Recurring infections, week immune system – in the Arabic medicine, finely chopped green parsley mixed with lemon juice, olive oil and some garlic and slices of tomatoes is made into a salad that is offered to persons suffering from recurring infectious diseases. Recent studies made at the University of Ankara, Turkey, brought into evidence that this culinary remedy has a powerful effect on the immune system, and it fights many kinds of parasitical bacteria and fungi.

– Cancerous diseases – salads with a lot of parsley and juice made of parsley roots and leaves are excellent in treating cancer. This vegetable boosts the appetite, activates the immune system and supports the body in fighting diseases, and it helps re-establish hormonal balance. In addition, green parsley fights many adverse effects of cytostatic and radiation therapies.

– Masculine sterility, impotence – apply a 40 day long treatment, during which administer ½ teaspoon of parsley seed powder before meals, 4 times a day. For accelerated effects, take a daily dose of the following recipe: 2 teaspoons of ground parsley seeds and a dash of black pepper, mixed well. Take this remedy on an empty stomach. The same treatment is very effective against frigidity.

– Parsley juice must never be administered undiluted, only mixed with carrot juice.
– Parsley juice can cause adverse effects if taken in doses larger than 200 ml in adults and la 60 ml in children, such as overexcitability and some digestive disturbances.
– A dose larger than 8 grams of parsley seeds may cause vertigo, spasms and strong digestive problems.

Parsley mustn’t be used therapeutically by pregnant women, as they may provoke an abortion. Parsley seeds have the strongest abortive effect – several grams will cause contractions of the uterus; parsley leaves and roots will cause weaker, but still considerable symptoms to the same effect.