The parents take their child to a concert of their favorite musical group. What the cameras record is unforgettable

Musical groups and artists have lots of fans who attend their concerts and support them with their applause and ovations, and sometimes even with an unexpected dance. This is also the case of this cute boy, who is very happy for being present at this concert.

Rascal Flats is a rock and country-pop group from the United States that has a true fan, who is only several years old. Irving, the blonde toddler in the video came with his parents to one of the concerts of the group in Pikeville, Kentucky, and he really loved it.

In the video, the little one is dancing happily, and all the reflectors are directed towards him. He delights everyone with his dance, and everybody around him applauds frantically.

The extremely talented boy synchronizes his movements perfectly with the music. He feels that the crowd supports him and dances with more and more enthusiasm. The applauding is very strong, and the members of the performing group have no idea what is happening. They only realize who stole the scene when they see the recording.

The little boy loves the concert very much and he makes everyone around him have a lot of fun.

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