Oven baked French toast

Everybody knows French toast, and it is a widely used practice to use dry bread to make it. If you never allow your bread to go dry, then you don’t have many opportunities to try out this classic breakfast.


Also, if you don’t like to use tons of oil, you probably don’t often eat French toast. However, here’s a recipe to enjoy a healthy and delicious version: oven baked French toast.

To begin, cut the bread slices into smaller pieces and place them side to side flat onto a baking sheet you have spread a few drops of olive oil on. Whisk 4 eggs, spice them with 1 teaspoon vegetable seasoning, freshly ground pepper and lots of wild garlic, and add a cup of sour cream. Mix well, and then add grated cheese to taste. Spread the mixture over the bread slices and bake the bread in a pre-heated oven at 200°C until they turn golden brown – for about 20-25 minutes. They turn out absolutely delicious!





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