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Osteoarthritis is reversible!

Whoever hears the diagnosis of osteoarthritis (wear of articular cartilage), and would like to get information about its causes and healing, can be ready for a bitter disappointment. The depressing answer is: the reasons are unknown, and the disease is incurable. This information, however, simply isn’t true. Osteoarthritis can be influenced by diet.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Although modern medicine does not know the reasons for the development of osteoarthritis, several expensive surgeries and therapies are recommended. But, unfortunately, none of these can heal the articular cartilage. On the other hand, empirical accounts of people who have changed their lifestyles and nutrition due to osteoarthritis, show that the articular cartilage wear – depending on which stage it is in – is curable, and that the symptoms, all without medicine and surgery, may disappear completely as a result of switching to a healthy diet.

Osteoarthritis develops in years or even decades as a result of the following factors:

  • Unhealthy diet, which leads to the over-acidification of the body (animal proteins, unhealthy fats, cereals, pastas, synthetic additives such as preservatives, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers found in processed food).
  • Mineral deficiency.
  • Overconsumption of alcohol, tobacco and sugar.
  • Stress and unbalanced emotional life.
  • Lack of exercise and/or improper load.

In some nutritional therapies recommended for osteoarthritis pork, lard and sausages are on top of the blacklist, closely followed by nicotine, alcohol, white flour products and sugar. These products must be completely avoided, they say. The truth is that avoiding these foods is not particularly useful if we leave everything else in our lifestyle the same.

To heal osteoarthritis, effective nutrition therapy encompasses much more, especially the need to be consistent and follow the guidelines without exception. Initially, this means a lot of resignation, and it takes a lot of energy to overcome old habits and addictions; however long-term gains are disproportionately greater: getting rid of the pain and drug addiction, general health and a new life.

Over-acidification destroys the cartilage, and the deposits cause inflammation

In an unhealthy diet, metabolism causes toxic acids to enter the blood and the tissues. Healthy blood is slightly alkaline, and it has to stay that way, otherwise the body dies. Thus, the body will ensure by all means to neutralize the acids with alkaline minerals such as calcium.

However, if the food intake contains too few minerals into the body – which in today’s usual nutrient-poor diet is mostly true – then the body has to use the calcium in the bones to neutralize the flux of acids. If the excretory organs are overloaded due to the excessive amount of acid, the neutralized acids (the so-called waste products) can no longer be selected; instead, they are stored in the body, in the connective tissue, the blood vessels and in a great number of joints. These waste products interfere with the metabolism of the joints, and the body tries to remove them by the means of inflammations. Unfortunately, the existing and the newly excreted waste materials prevent this process to ever be successful, and the chronic deficiency of essential minerals prevents cartilage regeneration. As a result, the mass of the articular cartilage becomes less and less.

However, after a thorough de-acidification, and, subsequently, and acid poor, mineral-rich diet, the articular cartilage – contrary to every statement – has the ability to regenerate again!