How to Decorate an Ombré Rosette Cake

There are some excellent housewives who can bake the most delicious cakes, but are somewhat unskillful when it comes to decorating them.

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your cakes, get inspired from the video below –you can learn a simple but spectacular way of decorating a cake. All you need is a decorating cone, pink food coloring and several bowls.

First, you need to prepare butter-based icing in three shades of pink. Fill the decorating cone with the darkest shade of icing and start making the roses. This job is easier than what you would think: squeeze out some icing, then slightly lift up the cone and turn it to the right – and your first rose is done.

After 1/3 of the cake is decorated, continue with the paler colors, as seen in the video. The cake will turn out so beautiful, it’s almost a pity to bite into it.

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