Oil pulling for radiant and healthy teeth. Use this cure every morning!

Very few of us realize how many kinds of harmful pathogens get into the oral cavity in a single day, which may cause serious diseases – not to mention the bacteria that attack the teeth.

This problem can be prevented by applying one of the most effective cleaning methods called oil pulling. This cure will flush out all kinds of bacteria and viruses and will help preserving the health of your teeth and gums. In India, this cure has been used for centuries to prevent several diseases.

For best results and to prevent negative side effects, use high quality oil.

Coconut oil has a great effect in the following ways:

  • It kills bacteria that cause gingivitis
  • It helps ward off tooth decay
  • It removes food deposits
  • It whitens teeth

The cure

In the morning, immediately after waking, take a teaspoon of coconut oil into your mouth, and try to keep it there for 20 minutes. When time is up, make sure to spit it all out. Try not to ingest any of it, as at that point the oil will have soaked up a lot of pathogens.

Use this cure every morning to prevent many diseases.

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