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Objects that can be reused in surprising ways

During spring cleaning you may tend to throw out objects that in the heat of moment suddenly seem useless. Before deciding to get rid of them, however, you should think seriously about whether you could find a new use for such objects.


1. Corks should definitely be kept, because if you cut them into thin slices, you can glue them onto the bottom of the table and chair legs. This way the chairs and tables won’t slide on tiles and they can be moved noiselessly when necessary.

2. Old jeans can be transformed into practical gardening aprons. Cut off the lower parts and alter the jeans as demonstrated in the video. You can store smaller garden tools and spray bottles in the pockets, so you can have everything at hand that you need during garden work.

3. You can cut off the handle of the clothes soap or softener jug, and turn it into a handy little tool that can be used to loosen soil in flowerpots. All you will need is a strong pair of scissors.

4. If you have a metal box you don’t use anymore, you can turn it into a paper towel dispenser. Cut a cross into the plastic lid, fill the box with paper towels and pull out the top one through the slit you’ve cut into the lid. You can paint or decorate the box if you like.

5. You can transform an old shampoo bottle into a cell phone hook. This way, when you are charging your phone, you can hang it up comfortably beside the plug.