Nine illnesses treated by geranium, an excellent natural remedy

Geranium used to be considered the plant of aristocrats. The multitude of intensely colored flowers can bring beauty to any home. Besides its beauty, geranium has exceptional therapeutic properties. Now we are going to present the many useful properties of this unpretentious plant. It must be mentioned that every member of the geranium family has therapeutic properties.

The therapeutic properties of geraniums

1. To treat coughing, boil 25 g of geranium leaves in a liter of water for 10 minutes. Gargle with the infusion and the symptoms of cold will disappear immediately. The juice made from geranium leaves can be dripped into the nose to get rid of congestion.

2. Apply a geranium leaf on your wrist to regulate arterial tension.

3. An earache may be treated by rolling a geranium leaf into a cylinder and inserting it into the aching ear overnight.

4. A toothache may be soothed by placing a geranium leaf on the tooth.

5. Geranium can replace antibacterial substances that kill Staphylococcus, a bacteria that causes inflammations.

6. Geranium essential oil has a great effect on the skin, it treats boils and eczema.

7. Geranium juice helps treating cataracts in the beginning phases. Drip the juice of the plant into your eyes to improve your eyesight.

8. Geranium leaf compresses treat osteochondrosis and radiculitis.

9. Geranium is also used in the cosmetics industry. Wash your hair with geranium leaf infusion to prevent hair falling.

It is said that this indoor plant can react to the illness of its owner. If somebody becomes seriously sick, the geraniums in the house all die, except for red ones.

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