The new Swiss wonderland is being flooded with tourists

It is difficult for a picturesque Swiss village to handle the flock of tourists after a spectacular video of the town swept through social media.

The main attraction of Lavertezzo situated in the southern part of Switzerland is the crystal clear ponds formed by the waters of the Verzasca River and the double arched stone bridge stretching over them.


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And idyllic

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Only a very small number of people knew about the area until early July, when Marco Capedri filmmaker uploaded a one-minute recording of the place on Facebook. Since then, the video has been seen by almost three million viewers, and visitors are flocking to the magnificent site.

In the video clip Capedri and his friends jump from a cliff near the iconic stone bridge into the sky blue water. In his post, the filmmaker highlighted that the village can be reached by car in one hour from Milan, and 45 minutes from Vares.


Un magnifico Canyon attraversato da acque color smeraldo.
*1 ora da Milano e 45 minuti da Varese*
con Federico Sambruni

Közzétette: Capedit – 2017. július 10.

The locals are less appreciative of the sudden popularity of the place because, as they say, their community is overwhelmed by the visitors, and their peace is disturbed.

As the pictures show, the quiet, peaceful valley has become a popular holiday destination practically overnight. New rules are needed, because many tourists are not respectful at all. Local residents complain that visitors often sleep in their cars, stroll naked in the streets, and use nature as an open-air toilet.

Why should you go to the swimmingpool when the nature can offer you that #daretojump #naturalpool #crystalwater

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Roberto Bacciarini, the mayor of Lavertezzo, said to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that they are keeping the situation under control, but at the same time he also asks tourists to respect the law.

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