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The new craze: ombre eyelashes

After Ombre lipsticks and eyelid makeup here’s the new favorite: the Ombre mascara. Here’s how you can prepare this color transition style.


After ombre nails, hairdo and clothes it’s no big surprise that eyelashes went ombre as well. This trend is not as popular yet as its precursors, but it’s probably only a matter of time for ladies to start using ombre mascara instead of ombre makeup. If you would like to try out the newest version of this trend, keep reading!

Ombre eyelashes

It is actually very easy to create ombre eyelashes. All you need is two or three differently colored or different toned mascara and a little skill.

Comb your eyelashes with a clean brush to separate the strands, and start coloring the eyelashes in the inner corners of your eyes with the first color. The trick is to color the eyelashes from the roots outwards, vertically. You should use lighter colors or tones at the inner corners and darker ones towards the outside to make your eyes look bigger.

When you’re done with the first color, start on the second mascara, slightly overlapping the first color. Do the same with the third mascara and so on, until you reach the outer corners of your eyes, and your ombre eyelashes are ready!

This procedure is a little more time consuming than usual, but hopefully it fits into a summer morning.