He never played in front of an audience before, but his first musical recording stunned everyone

His passion for music made Dennis Minor sing happily whenever he had a chance, but he never went to a recording studio or sang to a public. His voice is very special, and the song he performs in the video amply proves this.


If someone has an amazing voice and talent, it’s never too late to start a musical career. Dennis’ reluctance to sing in front of people ended when he was encouraged and helped by a friend to make his talent public. He was invited to a small studio and turned on the video camera to record his first attempt.

Michael Bublé‘s song, “Feeling Good” is interpreted by Dennis in a particularly moving way, and his vocal talent is remarkable.

The recording of the song was a challenge that he was able to overcome with ease by this interpretation in a very unique style. From now on he will have the courage to sing not only in the recording studio, but also to an audience, and people will surely appreciate his talent.

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