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Natural remedies to treat rheumatism

Rheumatism is a syndrome that encompasses the symptoms of pain and reduced movement in the limbs. In the following, we listed 6 natural solutions to soothe the pain and other unpleasant symptoms.


1. Compresses and packs: for knee joint pain, Swedish Bitter compresses are recommended; before using them, spread pork fat or calendula cream onto the skin.

2. To treat swollen joints: use comfrey tincture. If there is no tincture available, you may use comfrey leaves soaked in hot water; place them on the affected area while still hot.

3. Hogweed leaf compresses also help soothing the pain.

4. Experience shows that the leaves of Brussels sprouts or cabbage can be used with success to soothe joint pain. Warm up the leaves with a hot iron, and then place them on the joint; tie them on with a scarf.

5. Horse-tail compresses are also a great remedy in cases of rheumatism. Put some horse-tail in a strainer and place the strainer over boiling water. When the herb heats up and becomes soft, roll it into a cloth and place it onto the affected joint. Tie a scarf around the area and leave the compress on for several hours of overnight.

6. Sitting bath: Soak 100 grams of horse-tail overnight in cold water, and heat it up the next day. Soak the affected joints for 20 minutes. Use this sitting bath once a month.