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Natural Ingredients to Fight Cold

The first symptoms of flu having attacked our body are a stuffed nose and sneezing; later on, a headache, coughing, hoarse throat and fever may follow. Sneezing is the defense mechanism of the body, a reflex that, similarly to coughing, has the role of cleaning the upper airways of unwanted matter. The problem is, if frequent sneezing lasts for a longer period, it can considerably weaken our organism.

Sneezing is started by the irritation of the mucous lining in the nasal cavity. Irritation can be caused by viral infections among else. When the nasal mucous lining is inflamed, the activation of the smelling cells starts a reflex mechanism.

‘During the process, the chest and throat muscles contract, and we close our eyes. The soft palate locks up, and this is followed by an overwhelming force sneezing that may have a 120-190 km/h speed. This complex process takes only 2-3 seconds, but it is able to sweep several thousand viruses out of the airways’, so explained the anatomy of sneezing Dr. Viktória Kovács audiologist.

Sneezing makes everyone’s life difficult

Even though, by itself, sneezing is a defense mechanism, paired with flu is a very unpleasant symptom that makes our days difficult. According to the 2013 global survey taken by Wick Pharma GmbH, 67% of people asked find sneezing a difficult ordeal. Worldwide, sneezing is the third most frequent symptom after coughing and a runny nose experienced by people.

We can prevent endless sneezing if we keep our nasal lining clean and wet. To obtain this, it is necessary to use an appropriate method for an appropriate time.

Natural Ingredients to Fight Cold

Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera may help

Never use nasal decongestants for more than two weeks in a row. If using a nasal spray, try to find one that has been produced by Mother Nature besides science. There are sprays that contain eucalyptus and Aloe Vera; these products decrease the inflammation of the nasal lining and nourish and hydrate the lining at the same time. Besides, it prevents a stuffy nose for up to 8 hours.

If we pay attention to the first symptoms of flu, we can prevent this illness to take over, and we can go on with our daily business without losing out on any time of our lives.