The Mouse Trap… The morale of this story will make you think!

Looking through a hole in the wall, a mouse saw the farmer and his wife opening a package.

The Mouse Trap... The morale of this story will make you think!

”What’s that?” the mouse wondered. He was terrified to see that there was a mouse trap in the package.

Returning to the farm, the mouse told everyone about what he had seen.

”There’s a mouse trap in the house! There’s a mouse trap in the house!”

The chicken clucked, raised her head, and said,

”Mister Mouse, I can only tell you one thing. I understand that this is a serious problem for you, but it has no consequences on me. I can’t be disturbed by this information.”

Then the mouse went to the pig and said again, „There’s a mouse trap in the house!”

The pig was impressed, but he replied, „I regret it, sir, but I can’t do anything, except to pray for you. You can be sure that you will be in my future prayers.”

The mouse went to the cow and said again, „There’s a mouse trap in the house!”

The cow replied:

”Wow, sir, I’m sorry for you, but this trap can’t hurt me in any way.”

Finally, the mouse went back to his home very desperately, and decided to face the trap on his own.

That night a click announced that something had been trapped.

The farmer’s wife hastened to see what was in the trap. Because of the darkness she didn’t see that the trap caught a large and venomous snake, which promptly bit her.

The farmer hurried his wife to the hospital, and then brought her home with a high fever.

Everyone knows that one of the best remedies for fever is chicken soup, so the farmer sacrificed the hen. However, his wife’s condition worsened.

Friends and neighbors came to stay with her, and in order to feed them, the farmer also needed to kill the pig.

The farmer’s wife didn’t recover and eventually she died.

At the funeral there were so many people that the farmer had to sacrifice the cow to feed them all.

The mouse was now looking through the hole in the wall with a lot of sadness…

The morale of the story:

We are all in a journey called life. When you hear that someone has a problem and you think it doesn’t concern you, remember that if one of us is threatened, we are all in danger.

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