The mother places the baby girls side by side and turns on the camera, but she probably doesn’t expect to capture such a scene

In a family with children the mother’s sadness or disappointment disappears as soon as she sees her child smiling; no achievement can be greater than that. The two little girls in the video bring immense happiness in the lives of their parents.

The protagonists in the video are two little girls only a few months old who enjoy their time together. Their parents are known in the online world, as both have a YouTube channel that is watched by many people. As the two sets of parents have had a wonderful friendship for a long time, the two adorable little girls have also become friends.

In the video we can watch Julianna and Emilia in the midst of a serious conversation. They don’t use any words, but their reactions to each other instantly bring a smile on our lips. While one of the girls is very happy and smiling constantly, the other doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood.

In the absence of a pacifier, Julianna would also be content with a piece of his friend’s shirt or even a finger, but Emilia doesn’t allow Julianna to have her way. Although smilingly and peacefully, Emilia seems to want to convey to her good friend to keep her mouth away from her, and Julianna strongly resents that.

So adorable!

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