A mother and a father have 15 children – wait till you see how they live together in one house!

Raising and educating one child seems like a huge responsibility for many parents. But how about if there are fifteen children in a family?

Lyette Reback was an only child, but when she married her boyfriend, just a few months after they had first met, she already knew she wanted a big family with many children. The video presents the Reback family, the parents and their fifteen wonderful children.

At first glance, we may think that the life of this family is impossibly hectic, but the mother’s confessions prove that this is not so. On her personal blog, “Believe with Me”, the mother of 15 children shares all the beautiful moments in her family. Lyette Reback knows very well how to keep her household organized, and wants to help other families too. Each member of the family participates in housework depending on their age and abilities. The older children even help their mother in looking after and educating the younger ones.

Lyette’s message is simple, and it emphasizes that as parents we should cherish all the moments spent with our children instead of complaining when a demanding situation arises. We must always try to keep in mind how important it is to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the family.

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