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Mistakes everybody makes when washing jeans – 5 useful tips for you

Some people swear that jeans shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine, but we all throw them in the laundry with other dirty clothes and wash them week after week. However, in order to keep jeans looking new for a longer time, you should follow the useful rules below.

1. Turn jeans inside out

Regardless of the program, washing and drying have a great impact on the fabric of the clothes while these are rubbing to each other and to the walls of the washing machine during rotation. To minimize color loss, always turn jeans inside out before placing in the washing machine, and leave them like that until dry. Also, pull up every zipper and close every button to reduce loosening.

2. Don’t put too many clothes in the washing machine

The more clothes you wash in a single load, the sooner you get done, but your clothes will be more damaged. Fabrics wear faster when they are crammed together, and zippers and rivets catch the threads and rub on each other. It is better to place fewer clothes in the washing machine, so they s can move freely.

3. Select a suitable program

The more you want your jeans to preserve their looks, the gentler program you need to use to wash and dry them. While hand-washing is the best solution, unfortunately, it takes a lot of time. Unless the jeans aren’t too dirty, it is best to choose a lower temperature program. Drying jeans in a dryer is not recommended – you should rather air dry them.

Mistakes everybody makes when washing jeans - 5 useful tips for you
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4. Color preservation

For dark colors to stay vivid for a long time, choose a special detergent with a color preserving formula. This deactivates the fading effect of chlorine in the water.

5. Don’t dry jeans for too long

If you must use a drier, don’t leave the jeans in for too long, because the fibers may shrink. It is the best if the jeans are slightly damp when you remove them from the drier. Hang them on a coat hanger and allow them to dry in the open so they can retain their good condition for a long time.