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A miracle salad for liver detoxification

Nowadays we live in polluted environments, lead stressful and hectic lives and, unlike our ancestors, we eat more fat and sugars; as a result, our liver is loaded to its maximum capacity or beyond.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

The liver is responsible for purifying the body of toxins. It helps to dissolve fats and sugars, and medicines as well. The liver plays an important role in metabolizing proteins and the storage of vitamins A, D, K, B12; it also helps remove blood clots. A malfunctioning liver is a great impediment to an active and healthy life. In Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, detoxification of the liver is considered absolutely essential.

A liver that doesn’t carry out its functions properly causes the dysfunction of other organs, contributing to slow metabolism, indigestion, intolerance to fatty food and alcohol, swelling, allergies, sinusitis, high fever, asthma, dermatitis, urticaria, sensitivities to certain foods and chemicals, bad breath, body odor, dark circles, hormonal imbalances and so on.

To maintain the health of our liver, first of all we need to eat healthier, giving up foods that contain lots of chemicals, fats and sugars.

Beet salad with prunes and seeds

This salad has miraculous effects in detoxifying the liver.


  • 5 small beets, boiled or baked
  • 1 cup prunes
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil, cold pressed
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds and flax seeds mixed with salt


  • Cut the beets into cubes and the plums into smaller pieces.
  • Mix the olive oil with the seeds to make a dressing.
  • Pour the dressing over the beets and the plums. Mix well.

Beetroot is not only very delicious, but it also helps the optimal functioning of the liver. It thins bile, so it can penetrate better into the liver and the small intestines. Plums reduce stomach acid and help get rid of constipation; they keep the intestines clean and their rich content of fibers cause food to stay longer in the stomach, which leads to better absorption of nutrients. Sesame seeds nourish the liver and kidneys and act as a tonic. Also, Omega 3 found in flax seeds is very beneficial for the body.