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Miracle garlic recipe

This recipe, belonging to an ancient pharmacist, has been discovered by a UNESCO team in 1972 in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet. The recipe has been known for four decades as the miracle treatment for maintaining the optimal functioning of the whole body. Garlic is known in all cultures of the world for its curative properties, and it is the strongest natural antibiotic.

Photo: Wikimedia.org
Photo: Wikimedia.org

The recipe is 2500 years old, and it is recommended for the following:

It prevents and cures ischemia, hypertension, sinusitis and lung diseases. It eliminates excess fat from the body, and increases the level of calcium. It cures rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis. It prevents and cures myocardial infarction, stomach ulcers, gastritis, hemorrhoids and headaches. It is also very efficient as a remedy for hypertension and blood circulation problems. It cleans blood vessels, prevents arteriosclerosis and dissolves blood clots. It ameliorates the functioning of the immune system, increasing resistance to infections. It reduces cholesterol. It cures impotence. It ameliorates metabolism and helps lose weight. It regenerates the whole body.

The cure can only be used once in every five years! It has been proved scientifically that this natural remedy has no counter indications or adverse effects.  Nevertheless, those with stomach problems or an easily irritable stomach should be careful using this recipe. In general, persons who undergo another treatment should ask their doctor or therapist before using it. During the cure, eating garlic in other forms is strictly prohibited.

The recipe

The garlic used has to be organic. When cleaning and crushing the cloves, don’t use metal utensils, only the ones made of wood, glass or china.

In a glass jar, put 350 g of crushed garlic and pour 220-250 g of 95-96°alcohol, rum or spirit. Close the jar hermetically, and store it in the fridge for 10 days.

On the 11th day, strain out the solids, and, in the same jar, store the resulting liquid in the fridge for another 2 days. After this period, the remedy is ready to be used. The garlic drops can be taken with 50 ml milk before each meal, according to the following schedule:

During the first days of the cure, some reactive signs may bother you, such as a reddish skin, dizziness and stomach ache. Most of these symptoms are due to the detoxification process the garlic cure starts in the body.