Men adopted a baby kangaroo, now they are best friends

Most people who would like to have a pet opt for a dog, a cat, a parrot or other common household pets. However, if one lives in Australia, it is a great option to adopt a baby kangaroo. These animals can be as faithful companions as a dog.

The Australian Jackson O’Doherty wanted a cute pet and finally decided to share his days with an unusual one – he adopted a baby kangaroo. Damien makes an adorable pet: he follows his master around all day, and the inseparable pair go jogging, shopping and building sand castles together.

Damien needs his master’s presence for 24 hours. In the evening he expects Jackson to hold him in his arms and feed him from a bottle as if he were a human baby. He also loves visiting the playground, where Jackson pushes him dutifully on the swing.

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