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It matters which side you sleep on

Since sleep is an important factor in good health and well-being, it is worth knowing how to sleep better. It matters in what position you spend 6-8 hours at night, and if you want to get refreshed and relaxed, you want to give your body the best chance.

It matters which side you sleep on
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Research has shown that we need to choose our sleeping position well. At bedtime, we can pay attention to finding the best position, and at night, if we wake up, we should return in the proper position. According to science, it is best to sleep on our left side. Here’s why:

Sleeping on the left side is a healthy habit

The lymphatic system is located above the heart when we lie on our left side, and this position allows it to function better. It has more time and power to filter the toxins and clean the lymph nodes, and lymph fluid can flow more evenly.

Sleeping on the right side is unhealthy

If you spend the night lying on your right side, your gastrointestinal tract is also affected. It may happen that you awake with a puffy, bloated stomach.

You can reduce your stomach acid

A study has shown that less stomach acid is produced in those who sleep on their left side. This reduces the chance of heartburn and reflux.

An improved blood circulation

During pregnancy, it is often suggested that the mother-to-be sleeps on her left side, due to the fact that this position improves blood circulation. This is even more important during pregnancy, but proper night-time circulation is important for everyone.