After so many years spent together, this woman still asks her husband for a dance

If you have lived a beautiful life full of achievement and love, you can, even at the respectable age of 91, dance with so much joy as you did at 18.


George and his wife have been a couple for 65 years, but the intensity of their time spent together makes us realize that no moment of our existence should be wasted. And, no matter how difficult life may be, we should live with a smile on our face.

It seems that the songs we hear are the couple’s favorites, such as the song “La Galopera” played by the wife with so much naturalness. The song features traditional polka rhythms from Paraguay, George dances to it with an enviable energy, and the wife can only be proud of his ability to enjoy life.

We don’t see such a wonderful and energetic couple every day. We wish that all parents may become grandparents like them, and that they may enjoy such experiences together. When love, play and wisdom mingle so well with music and dance, we can understand why life is beautiful and worth to be lived at any age.

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