This man found out a few minutes earlier that he would become a grandfather. He almost fainted, but for a bigger reason!

The announcement of the arrival of a newborn always makes a family excited, and everybody is waiting impatiently for the arrival.

There are countless ways to let our family know about the new member, and regardless of the way, the surprise is always going to be great. The man in the video just found out that he was going to become a grandfather, and what’s more, of two grandchildren and the same time.

The daughter gives an envelope to the soon-to-be grandfather, which shocks him when he opens it. He is so surprised that he doesn’t even realize first that there will be two new additions to the family. When this little detail is called to his attention, he literally loses his balance and has to lean to the wall.

The unique moments were recorded by the family and posted online. Watch how happy the grandfather is when he hears the news about his twin grandchildren!

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