This man falls, but watch the reaction of the elephant. Amazing!

The elephant runs to the help his master in seconds after the fall – this is how the big animal protects his caretaker.

Elephants have a big heart and if they live in close proximity to humans, they will become very attached to them and take every opportunity to show their affection.

Elephants’ emotional intelligence is very well developed; they assess situations very quickly and can empathize with people who are important for them. In the video below we can see how Thongsri protects his best friend.

The man is participating in a makeshift attack. He asks one of his friends to pretend that he attacks him. When the pretend-victim falls down, the elephant comes to his rescue in a few seconds to protect him from further attacks and help him up from the ground. It is very lovely that he doesn’t go away until he makes sure the man stands on his feet again.

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