This man comes out on the balcony every day and plays the same song. Watch how its neighbors react

While many of us use a certain day of the year to turn our thoughts to the heroes who have served our homeland with much devotion, a man in America chooses to do this every day. His emotional tribute is enjoyed by people all around the world.

Don Brittan is a 78-year-old retired aerospace engineer and a talented trumpeter. In the past two years, each sunset has gained a special significance for both him and his neighbors in Tacoma, Washington State, who have occasion to listen to him honoring soldiers serving their homeland, and of course those heroes who have lost their life on duty over time.

Every day, at sunset, the whole neighborhood seems to stop in place. All neighbors interrupt their activity to listen to Brittan playing the trumpet. Every time they hear the same 24 emotion-filled notes. Nobody has ever been disturbed by the man’s gesture, but on the contrary – people wait for this moment every day.

In an interview given to CBS News, Brittan talks about his enormous desire during his youth to serve in the army, but the chances were not on his side. Even though he couldn’t join the army, he still wanted to honor them in his own way.

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