A man, a child and a mirror – a production that left us speechless

Watching this show, we ended up thinking of the child in us that somehow has disappeared over time. The choreography elements of this contemporary dance evoke the lost world of childhood.

The man and the child are separated by a “mirror” set in the middle of the stage. JT and Robert use pantomime to create a very emotional scene. The theme of the choreography is the child and the adult personality facing each other.

First, the child and the adult just watch each other, the child wondering about the adult he has become and the man, who can hardly believe that this sparkly eyed little boy used to be him. It happens to all of us that we are searching for our inner child lost for a long time.

At the end of the production the protagonists convey a very important message: we should live in the present and shouldn’t dwell too much on our worriless childhood. We should love ourselves as we are, at the age at which we are.

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