How to make unique Christmas tree ornaments – Awesome DIY Project

Christmas is fast approaching, and more and more of us realize that we should begin to prepare for the holidays. This is when we rush to stores to buy the festive decorations; however, they will be worth a lot more to us if we ourselves make them.

How to make unique Christmas tree ornaments

In the video below, you can see how to create beautiful Christmas tree ornaments easily. You can create ball-shaped ornaments, angels, or decorations of any other shape – you are only limited by the degree of your creativity.

For making ball-shaped ornaments, you will need a balloon, a string and glue. Inflate the balloon, dissolve the glue in 150 ml water, dip the string into the dissolved glue and then wrap it around the balloon. Leave it to dry, and your ornament is ready.

To make decorations in other shapes, you will also need Styrofoam sheets and pins. Stick the pins into the Styrofoam board to make the desired shape, and then wrap the sticky string around the pins. When the string dries, your unique homemade Christmas tree ornaments are ready. Good luck!

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How to make unique Christmas tree ornaments - Awesome DIY Project

Source: TeddyFactotum/YouTube

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