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How to make an easy and inexpensive air freshener

We’ve all experienced that end of the day a strange smell awaits us at home, that doesn’t seem to have been there when we left – or at least it wasn’t that bad. Maybe the garbage can is the culprit, maybe your pet, or maybe that’s just what your house smells like, and you’ve grown accustomed to it.

How to make an easy and inexpensive air freshener
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This phenomenon is sometimes called “nose-blindness” Scientists say that after the first two breaths, the brain is already beginning to shut down that particular scent from immediate monitoring. It seems that once your mind determines there’s no danger, like fire or a rabid skunk, it switches off those receptors in your nose. This reaction is very useful for detecting worrisome situations, but not so pleasant when it comes to sensing that you’re facing a major job of discovering and removing the sources of bad smells.

The good news is that studies show that the fact that you’re concerned about the smell around your personal space will help you manage it better. Also, if you want to improve the scent in the air, the creative minds at The Vibe Now can offer you some ideas.

Take an empty candle jar or a small mason jar and mix in it some baking soda, which you may already be using as a deodorizer, and your favorite essential oil. Just mix them together to make your own customized air freshener. Now, it’s up to you to decorate it, or just use it as is. Your home will wait for you with a clean and fresh smell every time you return.


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