How to make a bow-style hairdo

Haven’t you decided yet how to wear your hair this Christmas? Here’s a perfect hairstyle for this time of year, which is also very easy to prepare.


All you need to do is to follow these four easy steps:

• Start by grabbing two strands of your hair from the right and left side of you head. The thicker the strands are, the larger the bow will become.

• Join the two strands with an elastic band to make a half-ponytail. Be careful not to pull the ends of the strands through the band, to create a loop as shown below.

• Divide the loop in halves to create two smaller loops, and clasp one of them with a hairpin. Using your fingertips, fix the other loops with hairclips as well.

• Repeat the procedure for the other loop. Cover the elastic band with the remaining ends of the ponytail. Fasten your hair with hairclips.

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