The magical performance of an amazing street artist

Street musicians singing in city squares often prove a rare passion for music as they interpret well-known songs. The guitar player in the video creates very emotional moments with his exceptional interpretation, and fully demonstrates his incredible talent.

The magical performance of an amazing street artist

Photo: Capture YouTube

23 year old Damien Salazar is a very talented guitar player who usually performs and delights his audience in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of his friends filmed him in Florida as he was singing Still Loving You, a song by the famous group Scorpions.

Even though the guitar is a rather difficult instrument, the technique of the young man reminds us of the greatest guitar players such as Steve Via, John Petrucci or Roger Waters. Roger Waters actually invited the young artist to play with him.

In the hands of Damien the strings of the guitar come alive and he interprets the song with great passion. The performance is absolutely remarkable.

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