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Losing weight with a honey diet

What would you say if someone promised you can be one size thinner by Easter, and all you would need to do is to eat a spoonful of honey before going to bed? Does it sound too good to be true? The promise comes from a revolutionary new diet.

Honey diet is based upon the principle that this golden liquid causes metabolic changes in the body that will result in the disappearance of sugar craving, as well as burning calories even while sleeping. There is no more calorie counting, expensive weight loss menu and hunger, and we still can lose a kilogram in a week – in principle.

The idea for the diet comes from Mike McInnes, a nutritional specialist, who discovered that the natural sugar content of honey can be an excellent part of a weight loss diet. All we have to do is replace sugar in sweets with honey, and eat an extra spoonful of honey dissolved in hot liquid before going to bed.

According to McInnes, the reason behind obesity is consuming too much sugar and processed food. Even so called healthy, low fat processed food is full of hidden sugars and white flour, which make our blood sugar stay high during the whole day.

The organism reacts to the excess sugar by releasing insulin, which makes sugar deposit in the body as fat.

Losing weight with a honey diet

The specialist discovered that the body tries to save brain cells from too much sugar by causing a sensation of hunger. As it turned out as a result of much research, if we eat too much candy, chocolate, soft drinks or cake, these cells get in a state of alarm, and they don’t allow the brain have too much sugar.

This process would work well if excess sugar intake would occur only for a short while. The problem is that, thanks to the modern diet, most people snack on something almost all day, making the sugar refill continuous; the result is that the glial cells turn themselves off for a long time and leave brain cells to their own fate.

‘The hungry brain becomes stressed, so it sends signals to get sugar from any source possible’, explains McInnes. All we notice is that we have to eat another whole box of cookies again, or that we are cutting the third slice of cake at a party. According to the specialist, this vicious circle is broken by honey, which behaves exactly the opposite way than sugar, and it has lots of other benefits as well.

The expert’s tips

Don’t eat fast food! Instead, consume unrefined carbohydrates, but not too much of them either. Don’t eat potatoes, and have some proteins at each meal. There are no limits on how much fruit and vegetables you can consume, but eat at least two servings of fruit per day. Drink higher fat milk, as it fills you up faster.