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Lopifit – a cross between a bicycle and a treadmill

Those who designed this unique means of transportation had a great idea as a start: a treadmill that can be used outdoors while traveling. The idea was put into practice, so now usefulness and pleasure can be combined during walks in the city and beyond.

Lopifit - a cross between a bicycle and a treadmill
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Bruin Bergmeester, the inventor of Lopifit, designed and built an electric bicycle operated by a treadmill. This innovative concept brings together several components, namely the scooter, the bicycle and the treadmill. The surprising thing is that this novel combination actually works.

The builder of the contraption worked for years to create what is now called Lopifit. It has turned out a unique product that has attracted worldwide attention, since this electric bicycle came to the attention of both those who enjoy nature and those who love cardio workouts.

Lopifit offers new ways of exercising, doesn’t require any special effort to be maneuvered, and it is a clean, fun and healthy means of transport.

Lopifit is constructed from high quality components to ensure an enjoyable and sustainable experience. The sturdy framework is made of the most durable materials and it offers extraordinary comfort.

In case of an eventual malfunctioning, a team of qualified technicians will provide the best service. The cost of this product is around 2,400 euros, but since it does not consume any fuel, the price pays off fairly quickly.